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Standard and Non-Standard Language

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Trudgill (1974)
the reference for the Norwich experiment about the use of standard forms
the reference for accomodation theory
shifting language, register, formality etc. to suit the context
changing language to fit in with others
using language to stand out from others
eye dialect
written language that is spelt to sound like a certain dialect
overt prestige
prestige earned by using standard or more stereotypically "posh" language
covert prestige
prestige earned by using non-standard or stereotypically "unintelligent" language
Labrov (1966)
New York City Research
Postvocalic r
The focus of Labrov's New York City Research
Peyt (1980)
Found that lower classes drop the "h" at the beginning of words more
Milroy (1980)
Focused on social networks rather than class