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The order of words in a sentence:
Syndetic List
A list with conjunctions:
Asyndetic List
A list without conjunctions:
Small groups of words that form a conceptual unit:
A basic unit of grammatical organisation, usually separated by commas
Noun phrase
A phrase surrounding a noun with no verb
Verbal phrase
A phrase where all other words refer to the verb:
Simple Sentence
A sentence with only one clause:
Compound Sentence
2 coordinate clauses that are joined by a conjuction or comma:
Complex Sentence
A sentence with a coordinate and at least one subordinate clause:
Subordinate conjuctions
Conjunctions that introduce subordinate clauses
Syntactical patterning
When clauses or sentences have equal or similar syllables
Coordinate Clause
A clause that can be a complete sentence; the main clause
Subordinate Clause
A clause that relies on a coordinate clause to have meaning