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Religious Language

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Religious Language
The way we speak about God, faith and religious belief
Cognitive Language (realist)
Factual statements that can be proved to be either true or false. Statements that contain meaningful content. Such as 'God loves me'
Non-cognitive Language (anti-realist)
Other religious terms, which are not factually true but can be understood in other ways- for example symbols, myths etc.
Anthony Flew's description of cognitive language
'Crypto-commands, expressions of wishes, disguised ejaculations, concealed ethics or anything else but assertions.'
Wittgenstein and Ayer
Sentences are only meaningful if they connect in an identifiable way to the world
Executed in 399bce
false sentences
Can still be meaningful because they 'paint a picture of the world'
Tend to emphasise the complexity of language, and the context within which language use takes place