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Nouns 10 - Meals & Food

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d Mohlziit
the meal
s Esse
the food
de Zmorge
the breakfast
de Znüni
the morning snack
de Zmittag
the lunch
de Zvieri
the afternoon snack
de Znacht
the dinner
s Bettmümpfeli
the late-night snack
s Brot
the bread
d Teigware
the pasta
de Riis
the rice
d Suppe
the soup
de Iitopf
the stew
de Dessert
the dessert
de Chueche
the cake
d Zuetat
the ingredient
s Mehl
the flour
d Milch
the milk
s Ei
the egg
de Butter
the butter
s Salz
the salt
de Pfeffer
the pepper
de Zucker
the sugar
s Wasser
the water
s Öl
the oil
de Essig
the vinegar
s Gwürz
the spice
de Chääs
the cheese