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Nouns 12 - People & Family

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d Lüüt
the people
d Person
the person
de Mensch
the human
d Frau
the woman
de Maa
the man
s Chind
the child
de Goof
the kid
s Maitli
the girl
de Bueb
the boy
d Familie
the family
d Eltere
the parents
d Mueter
the mother
de Vater
the father
d Tochter
the daughter
de Sohn
the son
s Gschwüsterti
the sibling
d Schwöster
the sister
de Brüeder
the brother
d Grosseltere
the grandparents
d Grossmueter
the grandmother
de Grossvater
the grandfather
de Verwandti
the relative
d Tante
the aunt
de Onkel
the uncle
d Cousine
the cousin (female)
de Cousin
the cousin (male)