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Possessive Pronouns - Neutral

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mis Chind
my child
dis Chind
your child (singular)
sis Chind
his child
ihres Chind
her child
sis Maitli
its girl
üses Maitli
our girl
eures Maitli
your girl (plural)
ihres Maitli
their girl
Ihres Maitli
your girl (formal)
mim Huustier
to my pet (Dat)
dim Huustier
to your pet (Dat) (singular)
sim Huustier
to his pet (Dat)
ihrem Huustier
to her pet (Dat)
sim Ross
to its horse (Dat)
üsem Ross
to our horse (Dat)
eurem Ross
to your horse (Dat) (plural)
ihrem Ross
to their horse (Dat)
Ihrem Ross
to your horse (Dat) (formal)