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Possessive Pronouns - Plural

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mini Eltere
my parents
dini Eltere
your parents (singular)
sini Eltere
his parents
ihri Eltere
her parents
sini Lüüt
its people
üsi Lüüt
our people
euri Lüüt
your people (plural)
ihri Lüüt
their people
Ihri Lüüt
your people (formal)
mine Eltere
to my parents (Dat)
dine Eltere
to your parents (Dat) (singular)
sine Eltere
to his parents (Dat)
ihrne Eltere
to her parents (Dat)
sine Lüüt
to its people (Dat)
üsne Lüüt
to our people (Dat)
eurne Lüüt
to your people (Dat) (plural)
ihrne Lüüt
to their people (Dat)
Ihrne Lüüt
to your people (Dat) (formal)