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Ace of Heart
Tilahun, singing, hutete, mic
Two of Heart
Aj, puking, magots
Three of Heart
KingShark, swimming, water
Four of Heart
Roger, chugging, wot
Five of Heart
Mick, wearing, fedora
Six of Heart
Grodd, eating, banana
Seven of Heart
Putin, dancing, dogs
Eight of Heart
Bonny, conjure, spirits
Nine of Heart
Bill, peeing, fence
Ten of Heart
Trump, drawing, cat
Jack of Heart
Ghandi, meditating, tick-tock, lawn
King of Heart
Iron man, flying, sky
Queen of Heart
Girume, chewing, gum
Ace of Diamonds
Scott, scratching, metal
Two of Diamonds
Cisco, winking, glass
Three of Diamonds
Steve Jobs, digging, cave
Four of Diamonds
Tylor, fingering, girls,
Five of Diamonds
Stromae, sneezing, baby, hutete
Six of Diamonds
Sharukhan, throwing, bomb
Seven of Diamonds
Gatsby, smiling, money
Eight of Diamonds
Claus, pulling, rope
Nine of Diamonds
filfilu, swallowing, teeth
Ten of Diamonds
Eobard, phasing, wall
Jack of Diamonds
firestorm, burning, papers
King of Diamonds
X, orating, glasses
Queen of Diamonds
HR, juggling, knife
Ace of Spades
Teddy, moonwalking, spear
Two of Spades
Brian, handjobbing, lotion
Three of Spades
Rip, locking, lock, lockup-darkness
Four of Spades
Lincoln, cutting, trees
Five of Spades
zuckerberg, taking-picture, camera
Six of Spades
supergirl, lifting, plane
Seven of Spades
carraway, swinging, spiderweb
Eight of Spades
solomon, diving, sand
Nine of Spades
zoom, opening, portal
Ten of Spades
nixon, stealing, purse
Jack of Spades
David Blaine, prick, hand
King of Spades
Jackichan, washing, underwear
Queen of Spades
Meles, licking, pussy
Ace of Club
Damon, squeezing, boobs
Two of Club
Thomas, pooping, chika, snakes
Three of Club
Hitler, saluting, nazi
Four of Club
Barry, killing, remnant
Five of Club
stewie, stabbing, belly
Six of Club
Dynamo, walking, water
Seven of Club
Buffet, sleeping, money
Eight of Club
mycroft, golfing, sun
Nine of Club
snart, freezing, aliens
Ten of Club
obama, riding, horse
Jack of Club
sherlock, reading, book
King of Club
stiles, driving, jeep
Queen of Club
martin, bouncing, trampoline