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No tengo libro alguno
I haven't got a single book.
Alguna de ellas intentó contestar
One of them tried to answer.
Algunos murmuraron contra el presidente
Some grumbled about the president.
Vi a alguien en el jardín
I saw somebody in the garden.
Uno no sabe qué hacer
One doesn't know what to do.
No estás jugando limpio
You're not playing fair.
Se venden muy barato
They're being sold very cheaply.
Volvió penitente. Triste, cerró la puerta
He/she came back penitently. He/she closed the door sadly.
Lo criticó de forma muy dura
He/she criticized it very harshly.
No sé cuántos tienen
I don't know how many they've got.
No conozco a nadie
I know no one/I don't know anyone.
Este pobrecito no tiene ningún amigo
This poor little chap has got no friends/hasn't got a friend.
Juan no bebe ni té ni café
Juan drinks neither tea nor coffee/doesn't drink tea or coffee.
Salí sin despedirme de nadie
I left without saying goodbye to anybody.
Sabe cocinar mejor que nadie
He/she can cook better than anyone.
¿No me podrías dejar cien pesos?
Couldn't you lend me a hundred pesos?