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El viernes 8 es festivo
Friday the 8th is a holiday.
Los exámenes empiezan pasado mañana
The exams begin the day after tomorrow.
Se gustaron desde el primer momento
They liked each other from the start.
Entonces supe la verdad
Then I found out the truth.
Nos conocimos en México
We met in Mexico.
Aquel año fui muchas veces a visitarla
That year I went to see her often.
Luego de eso se vino abajo
After that it all fell through.
Estuvimos un año en España
We were in Spain for a year.
¿Habrá salido el avión?
Do you think the plane will have left?
Me dijo Alicia que llegaría a las once
Alicia told me she would arrive at eleven.
Pensábamos que nos encontrarían
We thought they would find us.
¿Te atreves a pedir más?
Do you dare to ask for more?
Trabajar es sano.
Working is healthy.
el gorjear de los pájaros
the chirping of the birds
Lo hice sin pensar
I did it without thinking.
Por no tener dinero, no fuimos a Madrid
Because we didn't have any money, we didn't go to Madrid.
Dale un besito a papá
Give daddy a kiss.
Vamos a empezar con el capítulo 20
Let's begin at Chapter 20.
Preferiríamos hacerlo más tarde
We would prefer to do it later. (= We would prefer that we do it later.)
Preferiríamos que lo hiciesen más tarde
We would prefer them to do it later. (= We would prefer that they do it later.)
No importa tener dinero
Having money doesn't matter.
Me imagino que vendrá a la reunión
I imagine he/she'll come to the meeting.
No me imagino que venga a la reunión
I don't imagine he/she'll come to the meeting.