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No me lo quiso decir
He/she didn't want to tell me.
¿Tú tienes mi bolígrafo?
Have you got my ballpoint pen?
No no, yo no lo tengo
No, I haven't got it.
No siempre llega temprano
He/she doesn't always arrive early.
No porque sea barato lo voy a comprar
The fact that it is cheap doesn't mean I'm going to buy it.
Han dejado de escribirme
They have stopped writing to me.
No dejan de escribirme todos los meses
They write to me every month without fail.
No acabo de entenderlo
I just don't understand it.
No hay ningún autobús esta tarde
There isn't any bus this afternoon.
No veo ninguna solución
I don't see any solution.
¿Conoces a alguna de ellas? No, a ninguna
Do you know any of them? No, none.
No me gusta ninguno
I don't like any.