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Mi casa está cerca
My house is near.
Dice que su casa está cerca
He/she says his/her house is near.
La mía está muy lejos
Mine is very far.
Dice que la suya está muy lejos
He/she says his/hers is very far.
Dice que no fue
He/she says he/she didn't go.
Yo mismo lo llevaré allí
I will take it there myself.
Dijo que él mismo lo traería aquí
He said he would bring it here himself.
Dice que no pudo hacerlo
He/she says he/she couldn't do it.
Ya lo he leído
I have already read it.
Ricardo ha dicho que ya lo ha leído
Ricardo said he's already read it.
Estaremos allí al mediodía
We'll be there at midday.
Dijeron que estarán aquí al mediodía
They said they'll be here at midday.
Dijo que no tenía tiempo
He/she said he/she didn't have time.
Dijo que no había podido ir
He/she said he/she hadn't been able to go.
Ya he estado allí
I have already been there.
Dijo que ya había estado allí
He/she said he/she had already been there.
Te presentaré a mi novio
I'll introduce you to my boyfriend.
Dijo que me presentaría a su novio
She said she would introduce me to her boyfriend.
Yo se lo había dicho a mi mujer
I had told my wife.
Dijo que se lo había dicho a su mujer
He said he had told his wife. The imperfect does not change either.
Yo la quería mucho
I loved her very much.