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Ella se puso muy triste
She became very sad.
Gonzalo se puso furioso conmigo
Gonzalo got furious at me. or gradual, as in:
Elena se puso muy gorda
Elena became very fat.
Los días se están poniendo calurosos
The days are getting warm.
Mi abuela se ha puesto muy vieja
My grandmother has become very old.
Él se puso contento con mi llegada
He became happy at my arrival.
Cuando salíamos, se puso a llover
As we were leaving, it started to rain.
Carlos se ha vuelto muy huraño
Carlos has become very unsociable.
La ciudad se está volviendo insoportable
The city is becoming unbearable.
Los Vega se hicieron millonarios
The Vegas became millionaires.
Se hizo famosa en todo el mundo
She became world-famous.
Pepe se hizo socialista
Pepe became a socialist.
Mi madre se hizo muy vieja
My mother grew very old.
Llegó a ser célebre
He/she became famous.
Cuando oyó mi respuesta, se quedó callado
When he heard my reply, he remained silent.
Al oír la noticia, se quedó pálida
When she heard the news, she turned pale.
Se convirtió al catolicismo
He/she became a Catholic.