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Remembering and forgetting

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No me acuerdo de su número de teléfono
I don't remember his telephone number.
Me acuerdo de Pablo, pero no de su mujer
I remember Pablo, but not his wife.
Nos acordamos muy bien de él
We remember him very well.
No me acuerdo de eso
I don't remember that.
No me acuerdo de nadie
I don't remember anyone.
Recuerdo muy claramente a Carmen
I remember Carmen very clearly.
No recuerdo su voz
I don't remember his/her voice.
Lo recuerdo como si hubiera ocurrido hoy
I remember it as if it had happened today.
La recordamos con mucho cariño
We remember her very dearly.
No quiero recordarlo. Lo pasado, pasado
I don't want to remember it. What's past is past.
No recordamos a nadie
We don't remember anybody.
Recuerdo muy bien aquello
I remember that very well.
Recuerdo que era un día de mucho sol
I remember it was a very sunny day.
Recuerdo haberlo visto antes
I remember having seen him/it before.
No recuerdo haberlo hecho
I don't remember having done it.
¿Te acuerdas de ese lugar?
Do you remember that place?
¿No se acuerda usted de mi amigo?
Don't you remember my friend?
¿No te acuerdas de ellos?
Don't you remember them?
¿Se acuerda usted de eso?
Do you remember that?
¿No se acuerda usted de nadie?
Don't you remember anyone?
¿Se ha acordado usted de hacerlo?
Have you remembered doing it?
¿Te has acordado de pagar la cuenta?
Have you remembered to pay the bill?
¿No recuerdas a nadie?
Don't you remember anyone?
¿Recuerda usted que ella trabajaba conmigo?
Do you remember she used to work with me?
¿Recuerdas que yo vivía cerca de aquí?
Do you remember that I used to live near here?
Me he olvidado de él
I have forgotten him.
Por favor, no olviden apagar las luces
Please, don't forget to turn off the lights.