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El español no es difícil
Spanish is not difficult.
Se quedará hasta el lunes
He/she will stay until Monday. (time)
Felipe nada muy bien
Felipe swims very well.
Él nada muy bien
He swims very well. (subject pronoun)
No conozco a Elvira
I don't know Elvira.
Este libro es de Enrique
This book belongs to Enrique.
Este libro es mío
This book is mine. (possessive pronoun)
Éste es el colega que te presenté ayer
This is the colleague I introduced to you yesterday.
Gabriel y Victoria vendrán conmigo
Gabriel and Victoria will come with me.
Elena vive en la Argentina
Elena lives in Argentina. (verb in the present)
Elena vivió antes en París
Previously Elena lived in Paris. (verb in the past)