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Expressing obligation and duty

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No tengo que hacerlo
I don't have to do it.
Tuvimos que quedarnos en casa
We had to stay at home.
He de salir al amanecer
I have to leave at dawn.
Han de estar aquí a las ocho
You/they will have to be here at eight.
Has de decírmelo todo
You'll have to tell me everything.
¿Tenemos que devolverlo hoy?
Do we have to return it today?
Primero hay que pasar por la aduana
First one has to/must go through customs.
Hubo que pagar derechos de aduana
We had to pay customs duties.
Estás obligado a hacerlo
You have to do it.
Me vi obligado a decírselo
I had to tell him/her.
Tienes la obligación de cuidar de ellos
You are under an obligation to look after them.