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Expressing needs

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Se ha roto, tendré que comprar otro
It has broken, I'll have to buy another one.
Tiene que darse prisa, o perderá el tren
You'll have to hurry, or you'll miss the train.
Necesitamos mudarnos de aquí
We need to move from here.
Necesitaba que me lo dijeras
I needed you to tell me that.
No necesito que me lo digas
I don't need you to tell me.
Necesita una gran suma de dinero
He/she needs a large sum of money.
Dijo que no necesitaba ayuda
He/she said he/she didn't need help.
Parece que tu padre necesita algo
It seems your father needs something.
¿Necesitas la maleta grande o la pequeña?
Do you need the large or the small suitcase?
¿Cuánto tiempo necesita usted?
How much time do you need?
¿Por qué lo necesitan?
Why do you/they need it?
¿Hay que hacerlo de nuevo?
Does one/do we need to do it again?
Hay que estar muy alerta
One needs to be very alert.
Hay que trabajar para vivir
One needs to work in order to live.
Aquí no hay que fumar, está prohibido
You mustn't smoke here, it's forbidden.
No hace falta traer nada
We don't need to bring anything.
Hace falta ser muy cuidadoso
One needs to be very careful.
¿Quieres que te compre uno?
Shall I buy one for you?
No hace falta, gracias.
There's no need, thank you.
Te serviré algo de comer
I'll give you something to eat.
No hace falta, no te molestes.
It's not necessary, don't bother.
No hace falta que me lo repitas
You don't need to repeat it to me.
No hace falta que nos lo devuelvas
You don't need to return it to us.
¿Hace falta que yo esté aqui?
Do I need to be here?
Hace falta que vengan todos
Everyone needs to come.
Hace falta Luis. Él sabría qué hacer
Luis is needed here. He would know what to do.