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Expressing certainty and uncertainty

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Indudablemente es lo más apropiado
It is undoubtedly the most appropriate thing to do.
Por supuesto que ganarán
Of course they'll win.
Claro que se venderá
Of course it will sell.
Me parece que habrá problemas
I think there will be problems.
Creo que no le darán el puesto
I don't think they will give him/her the job.
No llegarán allí a tiempo
They won't get there on time.
No sé si iré
I'm not sure whether I'll go.
Me pregunto si hablará español
I wonder if he/she speaks Spanish.
¿Crees que me recibirá?
Do you think he/she will receive me?
No creo que aparezca
I don't think it will appear.
Por supuesto que no
Of course not.
¿Crees que lo convencerás?
Do you think you'll convince him?