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Expressing supposition

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Si te invitan, ¿aceptarás?
If they invite you, will you accept?
Si te invitaran, ¿aceptarías?
If they invited you, would you accept?
¿Qué le dirás, si te llama?
What will you say to him/her if he/she calls?
¿Qué le dirías, si te llamara?
What would you say to him/her if he/she called you?
Supongamos que te llame. ¿Qué le dirás?
Let's suppose he/she calls you. What will you tell him/her?
Si te pide dinero, ¿se lo prestarás?
If he/she asks you for money, will you lend it to him/her?
Si te escribe, ¿le contestarás?
If he/she writes to you, will you reply to him/her?
Figúrate que se hayan ido
Imagine they have left.
Pon que hayan tenido un accidente
Suppose they have had an accident.
Pongamos que no respondan
Suppose they do not reply.
No me imagino que vengan
I can't imagine they will come.
Debe (de) estar enferma
She must be ill.
Deben (de) estar fuera de Barcelona
They must be away from Barcelona. To express supposition with regard to the past:
Debe (de) haber vuelto
He/she must have come back.
Deben (de) haberse perdido
They must have got lost.
Tu padre debe (de) estar descansando
Your father must be having a rest.
Deben (de) estar durmiendo
They must be sleeping.
Si tengo dinero iré contigo
If I have money I'll come with you.
Si podemos lo haremos
If we can we'll do it.
Se lo diré si lo veo
I'll tell him if I see him.
Si tengo dinero voy contigo
If I have money I'll come with you.