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Expressing contrast or opposition

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Es un vago, pero es muy simpático
He's lazy but he's very nice.
Aunque sea difícil lo haré
Even if it's difficult I'll do it.
Lo haré aunque sea difícil
I'll do it even if it is difficult.
Irás al dentista, aunque no quieras
You'll go to the dentist, even if you don't want to.
A pesar del frío saldremos
Despite the cold we'll go out.
La quiero a pesar de eso
I love her in spite of that.
A pesar de que tiene tiempo, no nos visita
Despite the fact that he/she has time, he/she doesn't visit us.
A pesar de que me critiquen, no desistiré
Despite the fact that they may criticize me, I won't give up.
Pese a que me amenacen, no se los diré
Despite the fact that they may threaten me. I will not tell them.
El país cuenta con pocos recursos, a pesar de todo el gasto público ha aumentado
The country has few resources, nevertheless public expenditure has increased.
Claro que puedo hacerlo
Of course I can do it.
¿Podéis alcanzar aquella rama?
Can you reach that branch?
Desde aquí veo todo
I can see everything from here.
¿Eres capaz de saltar esa reja?
Are you able to jump over that fence?
No es capaz de hacerlo
He/she is not able to do it.
¿Seríais capaz de escalar esa montaña?
Would you be able to climb that mountain?
Por supuesto que seríamos capaces
Of course we would be able to.
El professor habla inglés y francés
The teacher speaks English and French.