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Asking and giving opinions

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¡Vamos al cine! ¿Qué te parece?
Let's go to the cinema. What do you think?
¿Qué le parece si empezamos ahora?
What do you think if we start now?/How about starting now?
¿Qué os parece si cenamos fuera?
What do you think if we eat out?/How about eating out?
¿Qué cree usted que podemos hacer?
What do you think we can do?
¿Cuál es su opinión al respecto?
What is your opinion of this?
El clima de Andalucía es muy agradable
The climate in Andalusia is very pleasant.
Sevilla es una ciudad bonita
Seville is a beautiful city.
Los españoles son muy sociables
Spaniards are very sociable.
Nos parece que no hay otra alternativa
We think there's no other alternative.
No nos parece que haya necesidad
We don't think there is any need.
Me parecía que podía resolverse
I thought it could be solved.
No me parecía que pudiera resolverse
I didn't think it could be solved.
Me parece muy raro
He/it seems very strange to me.
Nos parece muy bien
It seems all right to us.
Me parece raro que él no esté aquí
It seems strange to me that he is not here.