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Expressing desires and preferences

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Quisiera una habitación doble
I'd like a double room.
Perdone, quería hablar con usted
Excuse me, I wanted to speak to you.
Quería hablar con Pamela, pero no estaba
I wanted to speak to Pamela, but she wasn't in.
No nos apetece jugar al tenis
We don't feel like playing tennis.
Me apetecería tomar un chocolate
I'd like to have a chocolate.
Le apetecía comer algo
He/she wanted to eat something.
Tengo ganas de salir
I feel like going out.
No tengo ganas de trabajar
I don't feel like working.
Tienen ganas de quedarse
They feel like staying.
Tenía muchas ganas de verte
I very much wanted to see you.
Me hace mucha ilusión ir a Marbella
I'd very much like to go to Marbella or I'm so looking forward to going to
Nos hace ilusión verlo de nuevo
We'd like to see him again or We're looking forward to seeing him again.