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Expressing likes and dislikes - Part 2

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¿No te gusta el jazz?
Don't you like jazz?
¿A él también (le gustan)?
Does he (like them) too?
¿Cuál le gustó a Carmen?
Which one did Carmen like?
¿Cómo les gusta la carne?
How do you/they like the meat?
Esa persona no me agrada en absoluto
I don't like that person at all.
Me desagrada su actitud
I don't like his/her attitude.
Eso nos desagradó muchísimo
We didn't like that at all.
Le disgustó mi comportamiento
He/she didn't like/disliked my behaviour.
Me molestó mucho lo que hiciste
What you did bothered me very much.
Me molesta que me trates así
I don't like you to treat me like this.
No soporto que me den órdenes
I hate to be ordered around.
Odio que te comportes de esa manera
I hate it when you behave like that.