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Expressing hope

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Este año espero ir a Berlín
This year I hope to go to Berlin.
Francisco espera aprobar el examen
Francisco hopes to pass the exam.
Esperamos recibir el dinero mañana
We hope to receive the money tomorrow.
¡Espero que tengas suerte!
I hope you are lucky!
Elena espera que tú la ayudes
Elena hopes you can help her.
Espero que no haya pasado nada
I hope nothing has happened.
Espero que no se hayan perdido
I hope they haven't got lost.
Espero que lo hayas encontrado
I hope you have found it.
Yo esperaba que llegaras más temprano
I was hoping you would arrive earlier.
Él esperaba que yo no dijera nada
He hoped/was hoping I wouldn't say anything.
Ellos esperaban que guardáramos el secreto
They hoped/were hoping we would keep the secret.
¡Ojalá (que) hayan ganado!
I hope they have won.