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Expressing emotional reactions, possibility

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Aunque llueve, iré.
Even though it’s raining, I’ll go.
No se lo diga.
Don’t tell him/her.
Se lo diré cuando llegue.
I’ll tell him/her when he/she arrives
Cuando voy a su casa le llevo chocolates.
When I go to his/her house I (always) take him/her chocolates.
No creo queél esté allí.
I don’t think he’s there.
Alégrate de que no sea nada serio.
You should be glad it’s nothing serious. (lit. be glad…)
Luis me ha pedido que le ayude.
Luis has asked me to help him.
hablar to speak
responder to reply
Espero que ellos hablen español.
I hope they speak Spanish. (hope)