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Expressing fear or worry

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¿Tienes miedo?
Are you scared?
Tengo (mucho) miedo.
I am (very) scared.
¿Y no tuviste miedo?
And didn't you get frightened?
No, en ese momento no tuve miedo
No, at that moment I wasn't afraid.
¿Le tienes miedo a la muerte?
Are you afraid of death?
El chico le tiene miedo a la oscuridad
The boy is scared of the dark.
No le tengo miedo a nada
I'm not afraid of anything.
Le tenía miedo a la gente
He/she was scared of people.
Tiene miedo de perderlo
He/she is afraid to lose it/him.
¿No tienes miedo de caerte?
Aren't you afraid to fall?
Tengo miedo de que él se enfade
I'm afraid he will get annoyed/I'm worried he might get annoyed.
¿No tienes miedo de que te oigan?
Aren't you afraid/worried they might hear you?
Ella tenía miedo de que la vieran conmigo
She was afraid/worried they might see her with me.
¿Es verdad que le temes al mar?
Is it true you are afraid of the sea?
No le temen a nadie
They are not afraid of anyone.
Le dije a Carlos
I told Carlos.
Les hice un regalo a mis padres
I gave my parents a present.