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Yo que tú no iría
If I were you I wouldn't go.
Yo que usted la contrataría
If I were you I would hire her.
Yo que tú lo hacía (for haría)
If I were you I would do it.
Yo que usted me quedaba (for quedaría)
If I were you I would stay.
Si estuviera en tu lugar,
If I were you/in your place . . .
Yo, en tu lugar, me quejaría a la gerencia
If I were you, I'd complain to the management.
Si estuviera en tu lugar, no la perdonaría
If I were in your place, I wouldn't forgive her.
¿Por qué no se lo decís?
Why don't you tell him/her?
¿Por qué no la entrevista?
Why don't you interview her?
¡Explícale lo que pasó! No se enfadará
Explain to him/her what happened. He/she won't get annoyed.
Si vas a Sevilla, llama a María
If you go to Seville, call María.
Podrías estudiar historia.
You could study history.
Podrían comprar un apartamento en este barrio.
You could buy an apartment in this neighborhood.
Deberías intentarlo de nuevo
You should try again.
Harías bien en no contárselo a Pedro
You'd better not tell Pedro.