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Expressing emotional reactions, possibility 2

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Es posible que ellos no respondan.
It’s possible that they may not answer.
Es probable queél nos escriba.
He’ll probably write to us.
Dudamos queél nos responda.
We doubt that he will reply to us.
No creo que Carlos me escriba.
I don’t think Carlos will write to me.
Probablemente lo vendan.
They’ll probably sell it.
No creo queél me llame.
I don’t think he’ll call me.
Creo queél me llamará.
I think he’ll call me.
Me alegro de que me lo digas.
I’m glad you’re telling me.
Esperamos que ella lo tenga.
We hope she has it.
Dudo que Pedro esté allí.
I doubt that Pedro is there.
No creo que Enrique vaya a Granada.
I don’t think Enrique will go to Granada.
Es posible que Elena sepa dónde estáCarlos.
It’s possible that Elena may know where Carlos is.