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¿Qué vas a hacer?
What are you going to do?
Voy a ir al cine
I'm going to the cinema.
¿Dónde van a pasar las vacaciones?
Where are they going to spend their holidays?
Van a viajar a España
They're going to travel to Spain.
Íbamos a ver una obra de teatro
We were going to see a play.
Iban a hacer la compra
They were going to do the shopping.
Iba a ver la televisión
I was going to watch television.
Iba a dormir la siesta
I was going to have a nap.
Pienso escribir un libro
I intend to write a book./I'm thinking of writing a book.
Pensamos mudarnos de casa
We intend to move house./We're thinking of moving house.
¿Piensas ir a alguna parte?
Do you mean to go somewhere?
Pensaba ver una película
I was planning to watch/thinking of watching a ?lm.
Tienen (la) intención de casarse
They intend to get married.
Tenían (la) intención de hacerlo
They intended to do it.
Teníamos (la) intención de vernos otra vez
We intended to see each other again.
Nos proponemos salir al amanecer
We propose to leave at dawn.
Esta tarde vamos a la playa
We'll be going to the beach this afternoon.
Salimos mañana a las seis
We leave tomorrow at six.
Llegan hoy por la noche
They'll be arriving tonight.
Esta noche habla el presidente
The president will be speaking tonight.
Los reyes saldrán hoy para Mallorca
The king and queen will leave for Mallorca today.