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Freddy and Mr. Floyd were obliged to hunt for a lost ball in the laurels, but the other two ____________.
Charlotte would ____________ up past foolishness, and this might upset her nerves.
But soon the ____________ died down, and the ghosts began to gather in the darkness.
On the ____________ of the wardrobe, the hand of an amateur had painted this inscription: "Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes."
She obeyed, but loitered ____________ at the landing window.
She had seen too many seasons, too many cities, too many men, for her abilities, and even with Cecil she was mechanical, and behaved as if he was not one son, but, so to speak, a ____________ crowd.
She had imagined a young Mr. Emerson, who might be shy or morbid or indifferent or ____________ impudent.
How much better to run about in comfortable clothes than to sit at the piano and feel ____________ under the arms.
"Oh, all right," said George, ____________.
Left to herself, Lucy would have told her mother and her lover ____________, and it would have remained a little thing.
She would abandon every topic to ____________ against those women who (instead of minding their houses and their children) seek notoriety by print.
He chanced to be in a ____________ critical mood, and would not sympathize with exaltation.
Cecil and Lucy turned up at four o'clock, and these, with little Minnie Beebe, made a somewhat ____________ sextette upon the upper lawn for tea.
A solution seemed in sight, and even Cecil, who had been ____________ drinking his tea at the view, felt the eternal attraction of Chance, and turned round.
This struck Cecil as subtle, and pleased him. It put their visitor in the position of a ____________.
She played Schumann. "Now some Beethoven" called Cecil, when the ____________ beauty of the music had died. She shook her head and played Schumann again.
There was no concealing the fact, Cecil had meant to be ____________, and he had succeeded.
The ghosts were returning; they filled Italy, they were even ____________ the places she had known as a child.