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banned mosquito pesticide 杀虫剂
forests are logged for human use and not replanted; 破坏性森林砍伐
bacteria and fungi that change wastes and dead organisms into usable nutrients;分解者
how nitrogen is returned to atmosphere 氮元素重回大气过程
consumers that eats dead organisms and waste 腐生生物
ecological hierarchy
from organism to population to community to ecosystem 生态层级
ecological pyramid
changes in energy from one trophic level to another in food chain;生态金字塔
pyramid of biomass
number of organisms and their mass 生物量金字塔
pyramid of energy
amount of energy at each trophic level;能量金字塔
pyramid of number
number or organisms at each trophic level 在金字塔内,每个能级之生物量
ecological succession
organisms colonize habitat/ modify it/ and are forced out by another species 生态演替
primary succession
succession where no soil exists 初等演替
secondary succession
after a forest fire;二次演替
study of relation of organisms to environment and each other
ecosystem links
between biotic and abiotic factors;
height above sea level;海拔
where river meets ocean 入海口
dying out of species 灭绝(不由自主想到灭绝师太~~致以崇高敬意!!~)
food chains
flow of energy from producer to consumer and consumer to consumer 食物链
food webs
feeding relationship in an ecosystem 食物网
foreign species
new organisms people have introduced into an area 外来生物
fossil fuel
energy like oil gas and coal from plants and animals that lived millions of years ago 化石燃料
feeding method of herbivores like deer and antelope 放牧
take a rest
take a rest~~~づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ