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Adrenal Glands

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peritoneal epithelium
The cortex develops from:
Adrenal cortical cells release ___
zona glomerulosa
The ___ is characterized by rounded clusters of cells which produce mineralocorticoids
____ release aldosterone when stimulated by angiontensin II
zona fasiculata
___ is composed of long cords of cells that produce glucocorticoids
zona fasiculata
___ cells are stimulated by ACTH released from pituitiary coritcotropes
Cushings syndrome
Excess of glucocorticoids can lead to ___
Adrenal medulla
____ originates from neural crest cells
chromaffin cells
___ are cells that make up the medulla of the adrenal glands
chromaffin cells contain numerous secretory vesicles that contain:
chromaffin cells
___ can be considered postganglionic sympathetic neurosecretory cells that release their hormones from their somata instead of nerve terminals
glomerulosa, reticularis
Capillary plexuses exist in the zona ____ and zona ____.
___ are necessary for the conversion of norepinephrine into epineprhrine in the chromaffin cells
cortical sinuses
Chromaffin cells that receive blood from the ___ contain epinephrine
capsular arteries
Chromaffin cells that receive blood directly from the ___ secrete norepinephrine
zona reticularis
produce a small amount of gonadocorticoids
zona reticularis is stimulated by ___