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US Society 1919-29

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Type of music which became popular in the 20's
The South
The area of America where jazz musicians came from who emigrated North as a result of racial intolerance
Louis Armstrong
Famous jazz musician
Number of licensed radio stations in New York by the end of 1922
The Cotton Club
Name of a famous club in New York
Devil's Music
Jazz was described as ... by older people because it "bought out stronger animal passions"
New form of entertainment which became popular in the 1920's
Buster Keaton
Became a movie star as a result of the growing popularity of cinema
Charlie Chaplin
Movie actor who symbolised the "American dream"
Percentage increase in the number of women working in the decade
Women of the 20's who cut their hair short, wore heavy make-up and shorter dresses
Hays Code
Introduced in 1930 to provide rules that all movies had to follow so that, "no picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who will see it"
Name of a dance which became associated with the 20's. It was disapproved of by many older Americans including the General Federation of Women's Clubs
University degrees which were given to women by 1930
Nelly Tayloe Ross
First woman to become governor of state
State which elects the first female governor of state
Anti-Saloon League
Became the largest organisation trying to bring in prohibition. John Rockefeller donated $350,000 to them
Eighteenth Amendment
Made the manufacture, sale an transportation of alcohol illegal, but did not ban the consumption of alcohol as it would have infringed on the Constitution
Number of states which had banned alcohol by 1919
Increase in sale of 'medicinal alcohol' between 1923-31 as it was still legal an was 95% alcohol
Lake Michigan
People would row across this body of water to transport alcohol from Canada into the USA
Amount of money which Al Capone made in a year
January 1920
Prohibition was enforce across the whole country
Clubs in which gangsters could sell alcohol smuggled in from other countries
Amount of illegal alcohol (in litres) found and destroyed in 1929
Jackass Brandy
Type of poor quality alcohol (moonshine) which caused internal bleeding
Number of illegal distilleries by 1929
11 000 000
Number of gallons of whisky seized in 1925
Red Scare
The fear that communism would spread to America an cause a revolution
Number of workers who went on strike in 1919 against poor working conditions
Number of witnesses the police claimed to have who could identify Sacco and Vanzetti as the murderers
23 August 1927
When Sacco and Vanzetti were executed
Jim Crow Laws
Laws which meant black people were discriminated, especially in the South
Examples of these laws included; Renting your house to someone of the opposite race was illegal and punishable by a fine of $100, Separate buildings for coloured and blind people
Examples of these laws included; Marriage to someone more than 1/8 black was illegal, Could be imprisoned for circulating documents promoting social equality
North Carolina
School textbooks could only be used by the first race to use them (the good ones were used by the whites)
Ku Klux Klan
Full name of the KKK
Members of the KKK by 1925
Hiram Wesley Evans
Leader of the KKK who was referred to as "Imperial Wizard"
Members of the KKK would often do these to black people, as well as ordering them out of town and "tar-and-featherings"