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USA in depression 1929-33

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50% of Americans were earning less than this a year, the minimum to survive in 1929
Number of speculators on the stock market by 1929
Amount borrowed for speculation in 1929
Black Thursday
Thursday 24th October 1929: 13 million shares were sold in a panic an prices crashed
Black Tuesday
29 October 1929: 16 million more shares were sold an the market slumped
Amount of shares bought by the banks to try and prevent the market crash was equivalent to this amount of money
Number of banks that were bankrupt between 1929-1932
Name of a tariff passed in 1930 which led to 60 countries passing retaliatory tariffs and damaging the US industry, especially agriculture
International trade in 1929
International trade in 1932
Number of Americans who had their homes repossessed in 1932
Number of companies who went out of business in 1933
Percentage of Americans who were unemployed in 1933
Fall in industrial production by 1933
Fall in wages by 1933
Number of people who committed suicide in 1932
Aims of the PWA
To give skilled workers more permanent work and to get the economy going again by starting building works
Amount of money Hoover provided in the Emergency Relief Act of 1932 to give the unemployed money
St Louis
City which had the largest Hooverville
Amount that Hoover cut taxes by