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Roosevelt + The 1st new deal

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March 1933
Roosevelt becomes the president
12 March
First of Rossevelt's "Fireside Chats"
Temporarily close the banks
Roosevelt's first act as president on 9 March 1933. Only banks with assets were allowed to re-open He told people that their money was safer in a bank an people then stopped withdrawing cash and starting putting back what they had taken
60 million
Number of people who listened to the first fireside chat
Number of states which voted for Roosevelt to be president (out of 48)
Economy Act
Cut wages of government workers by 15% to give the government more money to spend on relief
22 March 1933
Ended prohibition on this ate by changing the definition of 'intoxicating liquor.' The 21st Amendment officially ended it on 5 December 1933
Federal Security Act
Legislation from 27 May 1933 which set new rules for the stock market to make another crash less likely
Priming the Pump
What Roosevelt did to try and stop the depression. He put in some money expecting to get out much more money than was put in (similar to the action of priming a pump by putting in some water an getting lots more out)
The Sick Chicken Case
1934. Schechter Poultry Co was fined and prosecuted for breaking NRA codes, including selling diseased poultry an undercutting. It was decided that the NRA was unconstitutional as they only sold food in one state so was not a federal issue. This was the first of many cases against Roosevelt's 'Alphabet Agencies'
Tax bill in 1934 (up from $1.9bn in 1932)
Million less people who were unemployed in 1935 than in 1933
Billion more dollars was spent by the government in 1935 than in 1932