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Agriculture Adjustment Act
Aims of the AAA
To provide relief for farmers and to reform the industry to avoid overproduction. It did this by paying farmers to produce less food and to destroy surplus produce.
Positives of the AAA
Prices increased due to falling supply. Income for farmers was doubled (an increase of $2bn)
Negatives of the AAA
Farm workers and sharecroppers lost jobs as there was less maintenance to do. This led to some evictions. Declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1936 as it was seen to be a state power, not a federal one
Civilian Conservation Corps
Aims of the CCC
To solve the problem of unemployment in young people, especially men. There were 300 types of work project with ten different classifications
Positives of the CCC
Workers were given housing and food so the money earned was able to go back home and into the economy. Employers also respected the programme
Negatives of the CCC
It only provided 6 months worth of work and not many blacks were members of it (only 200,000 who were kept in black-only camps)
Public Works Administration
Aims of the PWA
To give skilled workers more permanent work and to get the economy going again by starting building works
Positives of the PWA
Gave employment. Helped development by building schools to educate people and improving health care by building hospitals
Negatives of the PWA
It cost $6bn and failed to get employment levels to where they were pre-depression. Only jobs for skilled workers rather than the millions
Works Progress Administration
Aims of the WPA
To help mostly unskilled men to find employment by public works projects. A smaller project as a result of the WPA employed musicians, artists etc.
Positives of the WPA
Provided work for 8.5 million people. Theatre projects help to widen people's experiences and raise morale
Negatives of the WPA
Critics accused the WPA of inefficiency by making work projects to progress slower than necessary to keep the unemployment figures down
Civilian Works Administration
Aims of the CWA
To help the unskilled and employed get employed. It did this by paying people to sweep leaves in the parks an perform other manual labour tasks
Positives of the CWA
Built 800,000km of roads, 40,000 schools and 1,000 airports
Negatives of the CWA
None of these jobs were permanent. Spent $200m a month and was seen as a waste of money. It ended in 1934
Tennessee Valley Authority
Aims of the TVA
To start recovery and reform the valley, which relied on help an only 2% of farms in the area had electricity. It did this by building power stations to provide cheap electricity, dams to control river flow and prevent flooding, created lakes for transport
Positives of the TVA
The Tennessee Valley recovered and soil fertility was greatly improved
National Recovery Administration
Aims of the NRA
To reform American recovery and to create a partnership between government and industry. It did this by providing better wages, shortening work hours and setting minimum prices for goods to be sold at.
Positives of the NRA
Removed damaging competition, stopped child labour, shops which did not support the NRA and display the logo were often boycotted
Negatives of the NRA
Continued segregation as it gave blacks very little help. Big business owners did not agree with it (including Henry Ford) and it was declared unconstitutional in 1935.