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National Labour Relations Act
Also known as the 'Wagner Act' it was set up by Roosevelt to replace the banned NRA. It protected workers' rights to join a trade union and stopped industries from banning them
National Labour Relations Board
Acted against employers who used unfair practices against their workers to victimise them (e.g. sacking workers for joining a trade union)
Soil Conservation Act
Replaced the AAA an continued to allow the government to subsidise farmers
Social Security Act
Government accepted responsibility for meeting the basic needs of its citizens
Achievements of the Social Security Act
Provided America's first social welfare system, A national system of pensions for those over 65 an orphans, help to people with physical disabilities, benefits system for the unemployed,
Securities Act
Eliminated fraud from the Stock Market. Meant a company who lied to investors about it's financial state could be sued
Banking Act
Prevented banks from investing savings in the stock market as it was too unpredictable
National Housing Act
Provided loans to buy houses an reduced excessive rents
Fair Labour Standards Act
Set hours an conditions of work as well as a fixed minimum wage
Supreme Court
Became increasingly against the new deal an started to ban alphabet agencies. Roosevelt then threatened to replace the judges over 70 who had not retired (6 out of 9). Most were against this, including the vice-president. Retirements and deaths meant that Roosevelt was able to nominate new judges anyway but the Supreme Court also reversed some of it's decisions
Million less people were unemployed in 1941 than in 1935
Billion more dollars were spent by the government in 1941 than in 1935 on non-military issues
Henry Ford
Hired people to attack his workers who were in trade unions
Blacks and Immigrants
Were often sacked as a result of Roosevelt's schemes to give workers more rights
Against Roosevelt's schemes as they thought that they took away too many of the states' powers and left the federal government with too much control
Some saw Roosevelt's schemes as … because they only created jobs for the sake of jobs and they hated the expenditure of the schemes