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høvd n
(no, Scandi) head, main, chief part
høvd f
(no) elevation, high ground, unevenness, roughness
á høvdanum
on/at the headland/high ground
(prefix, Eng) main, chief, principal, central
meginland n
(no, Eng) mainland, continent
dóttir f
(no) daughter
sonur m
(no) son
lóg f
(no) law, regulation
um nøvn
about names
fólk n
(no) folk, people
løgting n
(no) "law-thing", parliment
løg n pl
(no, pl) stepping stones over a brook, stone foundation
lag n
(no) layer, order, society/fellowship, melody
av lagi
(no) "off order", out of order
bera í lagi
(phrase) "bear in order" be arranged, succeed, prosper
navn mítt er
"name mine is", my name is
(v) buy
Keypmannahavn f
(no) "Buying-man's-harbour", Copenhagn
í dag
to-day, today
land n
(no) land, country, shore, ground