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úr Føroyum
"out of the Faroes", from the Faroes
úr Skotlandi
"out of Scotland", from Scotland
í bussinum
in the bus (static, no movement)
av flogvøllinum
"of the fly-field", from the airport
til Havnar
to Harbour, to Tórshavn
(adj) [-ið] "up-taken", busy, occupied
(you) are
frítíð f
(no) [-ð] "free-time", holiday, vacation
feria f
(no) [-a] leisure time, holiday, vacation
fara í frí
"go in free", go on holiday, go on vacation
(I) am called, am named
(you) are called, are named
barn n
(no) child
klukka f
(no) beetle
stólur m
(no) chair
gøta f
(no) [g] street, road
ferð f
(no) trip, journey
menniskja n
(no, Scandi) human, person
menniskja f
(no, Scandi) mankind, the human race
(v) [b] message, announce
postboð n
(no) post-messenger, mailman