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maður m
(no) man, human, one
dagur m
(no) day
kúgv f
(no) cow
næmingur m
(no, Ice) student
hond f
(no) hand
hús n
(no) house, building
tími m
(no) hour, time
genta f
(no) [g] girl
summar n
(no) summer
máni m
(no) month
kirkja f
(no) church
beiggi m
(no) brother
lundi m
(no) puffin (type of bird)
kríggj n
(no, Scandi) war
súkkla f
(no, Scandi)"cycle", bicycle
kaffi n
(no, Scandi) coffee
politi n
(no, Eng) police
dømi n
(no) example
eyga n
(no) eye
oyra n
(no) ear
hjarta n
(no) heart
lunga n
(no) lung
løgregla f
(no, Ice) "law-regulate", police, the police force