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mamma f
(no) mama, mother
borð n
(no) table
kona f
(no) [k] woman
fjall n
(no) [f] mountain
troyggja f
(no) [t] knitted sweater
stivli m
(no, Ger) boot
a, one (f, m)
a, one (n)
-the (f, m)
-the (n)
bakarí n
(no, Scandi) bakery
kondittarí n
(no, Scandi) konditori, small pastry shop
skoti m
(no) scot, scotsman
vaskarí n
(no, Scandi) laundrette, place to send clothes to get them washed
systir f
(no) sister (as in female sibling)
drongur m
(no) [d] boy