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hvat gert tú?
"what do you?", what do you do?
as, which, that, who (when referring back to something previously said)
work, labour, toil (verb, german loanword)
eg arbeiði sum
i work as
enska f
(no) english language
(adj, m) english-language
(adj, m) english-person
mál n
(no) language, matter/issue, objective/goal
enskt mál
(adj + no) english language
á enskum
"on english", in english-language
hvussu ber tað til at?
"how bears it to (the point) that?", how is it that? how come that? how can it be that?
(v) [t] speak, chatter
tú tosar
thou speak, you (singular) chat
mamma mín er
"mama mine is", my mum is
(v) visit