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ići u posjet
to go for a visit
ići u šetnju
to go for a walk
ići u krevet
to go to bed
ići na kavu
to go to coffee
ići na ručak
to go to lunch
ići na izlet
to go on an excursion
ići na skijanje
to go skiing
ići na tenis
to go to tennis
ići u kafić
to go to the cafe
ići na zabavu
to go to the celebration
ići u crkvu
to go to the church
ići u kino
to go to the cinema
ići u klub
to go to the club
ići na fakultet
to go to the faculty
ići u planine
to go to the mountain
ići u restoran
to go to the restaurant
ići na more
to go to the sea
ići u trgovinu
to go to the shop
ići u vinograd
to go to the vineyard
ići na posao
to go to work