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Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes

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__________ have lowest density of all groups of organic compounds
Carbon with 3 Hydrogens attached
Methyl carbon with 1 other alkyl groups (R) attached
Methyl carbon with 2 other alkyl groups (R) attached
Methyl carbon with 3 other alkyl groups (R) attached
Boiling Melting
______ and ______ point of an alkane increases with increasing molecular weight
___________ of an alkane lowers the boiling point & increases melting point
Molecular Weight
Density of an alkane increases with increasing ______ ______ .
In chair conformation, _______ substituent positions are less stable as they can crowd each other increasing energy level.
Of the 3 cyclohexane conformations, the ________ conformation dominants due to being lowest in energy.
Radical Exothermic
Alkane combustion is a R________ and ________ reaction
Propogation Termination
In halogenation more product is formed during the stages of __________ then ___________
F Cl Br I
Halogen reactivity goes ___ > ___ > ___ > ___ (use symbols Br - Bromine)
Opposite I Br Cl F
Halogen selectivity is ___________ reactivity making the order of selectivity ___ > ___ > ___ > ___
Stable Conjugate Base
Alkenes - Make a more ____ _____ ____ then alkanes due to pi bonds absorbing some of the negative charge when a proton is removed.
Molecular Weight
Similar to alkanes the boiling point of an alkene goes up with increasing _____ _____
Boiling Point
Branching of an alkene lowers the _____ ______