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Chemistry & Chemistry Mnemonics

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Moles Solute / Litres of Solvent
Moles of Solute / Kg of Solvent
Moles of Solute / Total Moles of Solute + Solvent
Mole Fraction x
Kg of Solute / Kg of Solution
Mass %
Molar Mass
Molecular Weight
Kg of Solute / Number of Moles
Molar Mass
P1V1 = P2V2
Boyles Law
V1/T1 = V2/T2
Charles Law
n1/V1 = n2/V2
Avogadros Law
PV = nRT
Combined Gas Law
r1/r2 = sqrt (MM2/MM1)
Grahams Law of Diffusion
Pa = XaPa
Raoults Law
M1V1 = M2V2
Lil Kim
Boiling pt elevation Mnemonic
In the boiling or melting pt change formula what variable has the greatest effect
Periodic Trends Mnemonic (starting at top left)
Gibbs Free Energy Mnemonic
Hk Aha
Henderson Hasselback Mnemonic (pH eq)
Leo Is A Gerc
Electrochemical Cell Mnemonic
Hydrogen bond Mnemonic (Hydrogen is ____)
Dirt Over Pee
Molar Mass of a gas Mnemonic
Phone Call From Brisch
Order of electronegativity Mnemonic
MIT Enough
Moles deposited at electrode Mnemonic
VG Phest
State Functions Mnemonic
NaMA SiPS ClAres KaCa
Elements 10-20 Mnemonic