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find, shine, have, hear, hold, feed, flee, read, l

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bind bound bound
to tie somebody/something with rope, string, etc. so that they/it cannot move or are held together strongly (связать)
find found found
to discover somebody/something unexpectedly or by chance (находить)
grind ground ground
to break or press something into very small pieces between two hard surfaces or using a special machine (молоть, перемалывать)
shine shone shone
to produce or reflect light; to be bright (светить, сиять)
have had had
to own, hold or possess something (иметь)
hear heard heard
to be aware of sounds with your ears (слышать)
hold held held
to have somebody/something in your hand, arms, etc. (держать)
bleed bled bled
to lose blood, especially from a wound or an injury (кровоточить)
breed bred bred
to keep animals or plants in order to produce young ones for a particular purpose (выращивать, разводить)
flee fled fled
to leave a person or place very quickly, especially because you are afraid of possible danger (спасаться бегством)
feed fed fed
to give food to a person or an animal (кормить)
read read read
to look at and understand the meaning of written or printed words or symbols (читать)
lay laid laid
to put somebody/something in a particular position, especially when it is done gently or carefully (класть)
pay paid paid
to give somebody money for work, goods, services, etc. (платить)
say said said
to speak or tell somebody something, using words (говорить, сказать)
make made made
to create or prepare something by combining materials or putting parts together (делать, изготовлять)