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bend, lend, send, spend, build, stand, understand

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bend bent bent
to force something that was straight into an angle or a curve (сгибать)
build built built
to make something, especially a building, by putting parts together (строить)
lend lent lent
to give something to somebody or allow them to use something that belongs to you, which they have to return to you later (давать в долг)
send sent sent
to make something go or be taken to a place, especially by post, email, radio, etc. (посылать)
spend spent spent
1) to give money to pay for goods, services, etc. (тратить деньги); 2) to use time for a particular purpose; to pass time (проводить время)
stand stood stood
to be on your feet; to be in a vertical position (стоять)
understand understood understood
to know or realize the meaning of words, a language, what somebody says, etc. (понимать)