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beat, bite, drive, eat, fall, forbid, forget

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beat beat beaten
to hit a person hard and many times in order to hurt them (побить)
bite bit bitten
to use your teeth to cut into or through something (кусать, кусаться)
drive drove driven
to operate a vehicle so that it goes in a particular direction (водить машину)
eat ate eaten
to put food in your mouth, bite it and swallow it (есть, кушать)
fall fell fallen
to drop down from a higher level to a lower level (падать)
forbid forbade forbidden
to order somebody not to do something; to order that something must not be done (запрещать)
forget forgot forgotten
to not remember to do something that you ought to do, or to bring or buy something that you ought to bring or buy (забывать)
forgive forgave forgiven
to stop feeling angry with somebody who has done something to harm, annoy or upset you; to stop feeling angry with yourself (прощать)