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bet, broadcast, burst, cost, cut, hit, hurt, let,

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bet bet bet
to risk money on a race or an event by trying to predict the result (ручаться, держать пари)
broadcast broadcast broadcast
to send out programmes on television or radio (транслировать)
burst burst burst
to break open or apart, especially because of pressure from inside; to make something break in this way (взрываться, лопаться)
cost cost cost
if something ____s a particular amount of money, you need to pay that amount in order to buy, make or do it (стоить)
cut cut cut
to make an opening or a wound in something, especially with a sharp tool (резать)
fit fit fit
to be the right shape and size for somebody/something (подходить по размеру)
hit hit hit
to bring your hand, or an object you are holding, against somebody/something quickly and with force (ударить)
hurt hurt hurt
to cause pain to somebody/yourself; to injure somebody/yourself (причинить боль)
let let let
to allow somebody to do something or something to happen without trying to stop it (позволять)
put put put
to move something into a particular place or position (класть, ставить)
set set set
to prepare or arrange something so that it is ready for use or in position (устанавливать, настраивать)
shut shut shut
to close something; to become closed (закрывать)
split split split
to divide, or to make something divide, into two or more parts (разделять, раскалывать)
spread spread spread
to affect or make something affect, be known by, or be used by more and more people (распространять, распространяться)