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blow, grow, know, throw, fly, draw, sew, show, swe

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blow blew blown
to send out air from the mouth (дуть)
grow grew grown
to increase in size, number, strength or quality (расти)
know knew known
to have information in your mind as a result of experience or because you have learned or been told it (знать)
throw threw thrown
to send something from your hand through the air by moving your hand or arm quickly (бросать)
fly flew flown
to move through the air, using wings (летать)
draw drew drawn
to make pictures, or a picture of something, with a pencil, pen or chalk (but not paint (рисовать); to move something/somebody by pulling it or them gently (тянуть)
sew sewed sewn/sewed
to use a needle and thread to make stitches in cloth (шить)
show showed shown
to let somebody see something (показывать)
swear swore sworn
1) to make a serious promise to do something (клясться); 2) to use rude or offensive language, usually because you are angry (ругаться)
tear tore torn
to damage something by pulling it apart or into pieces or by cutting it on something sharp; to become damaged in this way (рвать)
wear wore worn
to have something on your body as a piece of clothing, a decoration, etc. (носить одежду)